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  • Flood Warning issued September 22 at 8:51PM CDT until further notice by NWS
    .Here is an update for river flooding on the Pecatonica River and Rock River. River forecasts include past precipitation and forecast rainfall for the next 24 hours. ...Flood Warning remains in effect until further notice... The Flood Warning continues for Read more »
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  • Mostly Cloudy and 57 F at Albertus Airport, IL
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9 hours ago

Dina Kleckner

We have lots of fall and winter closes for FREE and a yummy lunch! If you need transportation call the number on the flyer! ... See MoreSee Less

We have lots of fall and winter closes for FREE and a yummy lunch! If you need transportation call the number on the flyer!

13 hours ago

Today In The Port

Careful, wormhole to China ahead. Our roads are literally crumbling beneath us. Right now by Sullivan’s. ... See MoreSee Less


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I was shocked that the lagoon next to the road is full to the top! Too much rain for sure 😞

Folks it's not just us. The torrential rains we've had have added to this kind of thing happening all around us. Small towns and cities like us don't get much federal aid and than when we do it's either poorly handled, or to little to late.

I remember this hole from before, it has been sinking in for quite awhile. This is in Sullivans parking lot isn't it. There are so many sink holes in town, especially in the 3,4, and 500 block of Chestnut st. they just fill them in and it sinks again and again, maybe they should find out why before something really bad happens. There are alot on the 4 and 500 blocks of American st. also. There's been no repairs to all the streets that have no pavement at all, like Seeley in the park. I agree with someone else in here, all that money we spend for the water bill and I haven't seen any improvements in the streets, or at least the ones I travel on.

It's a private property as far as I know! Bank, sullivans etc all are responsible for it not the city

There's one on walnut by the renewal center. It's getting bigger every day. They have 3 boards up now and it used to be 1.

And yet they are completely redoing the streets on the north west part of town at Farmdale and Wheatland Ter! This is b.s. those streets were fine, but because that's were most of the money in Freeport lives, everyone else has to play dodge the pot hole!

Most These Roads in Freeport need to be replaced or repaired !! I hope someone fixes them soon and properly !!

All of our roads are in need of repair. You literally cannot drive down some of our roads as it will damage your car.

City was informed of the problem on Friday. At that time the road wasn't collapsed and was still fine on Saturday. This happened last night and there was no way to know it was going to happen. They put the cone on there Friday afternoon. As a warning but again this didn't happen till last night

Well if you remember, back in the day, a crick use to run through there. That water has to go somewhere with all this rain. So it sits. Wouldn’t be surprised if it all caves in because last night the hole wasn’t even a third of that size.

Freeport’s streets have been crumbling for years, But the city will have a new 2million Art park next to the mayors business (While the main streets ( all the streets) are in disrepair. That doesn’t seem shady at all. ✌️

This was not that bad yesterday afternoon

They started fixing Shawnee Street in the Arcade and never finished the last block...there's hardly any road left

That pond of water right in front of the laundromat there at Sullivan's in the ditch has been there for months the city has not taken care of the sewage


Besides the rain our streets are a mess. It’s ridiculous to even drive on them. When will something be done to fix the streets? What is this city manager even doing to earn his salary?

That’s not a road it’s the drive for Sullivan’s.

I'm all on board for the hype train but isn't that the parking lot and not a city road? Obviously I have no idea where it starts being a lot but I have to assume the switch to the blacktop indicates that.

The Freeport City meetings are online at City of Freeport ILL-YouTube...they then go by dates...interesting to watch and you will be surprised on the’s ridiculous...of course just my opinion

Yeah,and our taxes keep going up too.

Probably waiting till they redo the sewer to repave it 🤣🤔

I'm waiting for it to do that down at the stoplight too

Try living in float where theres nothing but gravel...we really do float down here

We realize these potholes are not expected but maybe Freeport should do a better job at fixing them. All the roads are shitty off of Adams, hell even Adams is shitty but let’s fix the roads in the good side of town. It should’ve been done before Float. Did they even fix the sewer problem? That don’t help either.

Guess they will add that to our water bill as well

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14 hours ago

Today In The Port

For those with the music in them. ... See MoreSee Less

For those with the music in them.
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