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7 hours ago

Today In The Port

Are the impeachment hearings a waste of time? ... See MoreSee Less


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Depends if you think that Trump is above the law.

Well, it isn't a waste of time for two reasons. One, it bolsters the democrat party's delusion of being the quintessential quasimodo of society. Two, it strengthens republican solidarity behind a candidate that they mostly didn't feel represented them to begin with. This will inevitably cause a backfire for the democratic party and the beginning of it's demise. Watch for the democratic party to crumble and be replaced after they lose this presidential election. These strategies simply won't work and their voters will need a new face to represent their cause after the fallout.

A waste of time is not the point, a miscarriage of justice is the point!

There is credible and verified evidence of wrongdoing on Trump's part.

This is an insult to any rational intelligent citizen. What the Dems are doing should never happen again.

Yes it is

And tax payers money

Typical .... people are confused between what trump touches and what the dems strangle on illinois touches... “where are the jobs” LOL... as they keep voting in blue for illinois

Freeport, Really? Have Trump brought back manufacturing jobs? No! Businesses that were thriving are no longer in Freeport! It is not a waste of time to protect our democracy. Trump haven't visited Freeport and does not plan to, he do not care about small towns, he's only interested in getting your vote. I can see if everybody working and businesses are booming but! That's just not the case. This is not how the President of the United States should act, blackmailing foreign leader's that the US helps on every level. And asking our foreign adversary's to help dig up information to help him destroy his fellow running mate's. It is now or never!


A waste of time because nothing is going to happen to the moron

Not a trump follower nor do I care who our president is.. Our president could be a homeless man from Miami and it would make no difference. Taxes flucuate no matter who is president, I have noticed that people who die hard support trump for no reason do not have much intellect or reason why. And the people such as yourself that have NO actual reason to dislike him also have little intellect, sorry to be so blunt but all you trump haters and die hard trump lovers are both stupid and know little to nothing about the fundamentals of the government. The president does not 🏃 the country. He only has a choice in the matter, while his choice does matter, he cannot single handily make a choice on his own. It has to be passed etc. Has chances to get veto'd etc. I have never actually seen something Trump did that affected me or anyone around me or in this town in a manner that was harmful to the wellbeing or living standards of the common people of freeport.. Its not the presidents job to make sure everyone is successful and happy, its not his job to bring jobs. He is not a staffing agency nor is any other president. I have had jobs from min wage all the way up to $24/hour, and I have no education at all. And the President did not affect me being hired for any of those positions. I have lived in projects, and also paid a mortgage. The presidenta during all those times had no part or role in affecting my way of living. Again before I get called some trump rider. I dont care who is our president, unless the draft is re-enstated they have no effect on my life or wellbeing it is only a mental barrier people need to overcome. Sorry for any typos etc. Also to specifically answer your question about jobs and stores leaving freeport. It has to do with the changing of times. Freeport was a manufactoring town. Manufactoring as a whole is consolidating, companies that made money back in the 80s are more than likely bankrupt and shut down today, with the rise of technology a lot of manufacturing companies became useless and could not afford or didnt want to adapt. And local stores close in freeport all the time. Simply because a donut shop cannot thrive in a downtown location. Nor can 15 thrift stores. The main businesses that withstood the test of times are high interest furniture stores, and high rate jewlery stores with insane financing rates. Also it doesnt help that downtown freeport is VERY boring and has little to no reason for people to travel downtown other than if you are traversing to another side of town, or going to court. And every president has dirt, why do you think elections costs so much.. Its a giant battle on who has the most obscene secrets.. Trumo banged a porn star, hillary has secret emails, obama had citizenship issues, bush started wars... It litterally does not matter who our president is nor does it affect us... I wish people would understand this. Then again I guess not everyone is as intellectually sound.

I don’t think the 28% understand that the Republican controlled Senate will not vote to remove A Republican President from office. That would never happen. That is why this is all a waste of time. Even If you hate Trump and you want him removed, you should have no problem understanding that his own party won’t turn on him. Hence, it’s all a waste of time.

Marc Witt even Putin got Trump dangling 😂😂😂😂

Trump has nothing to do with IL problems. It's the jackass's people keep electing like Dick Durbin. They have run this state into the ground.

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17 hours ago

Today In The Port

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