April 4th, 2017 Election Results:

Here are the results of Stephenson County’s local election.  See also the 5 finalists applying for Freeport’s first City Manager position. Click here or the picture below to meet them

meet the 5 finalists applying for freeport city manager

Freeport Mayor
> Jodi Miller (C) 2,200 54%
Jon C. Staben (P) 1,368 34%
Andrew L. Crutchfield (I) 505 12%
Freeport City Treasurer
> Linda L. Buss (C) 3,090 80%
Bernard J. Mrugala (D) 762 20%
Dakota Village Trustee
> Jason Knox 81 30%
> Maggie Geiseman 79 29%
> Laura Bremmer 60 22%
Brian Reifschneider 49 18%
Davis Village President
> Stephen Olson 141 71%
Josh Wishard 57 29%
Lena Village President
> Dennis Bergman 395 61%
Richard N. Polhill 133 21%
Ryan R. Stockton 115 18%
Lena Village Trustee 4-Year Term
> Henry Saavedra 407 25%
> Ronald Buchenau 367 22%
> Jeffrey R. Durling 336 20%
Gary L. Schaible 269 16%
Chelsea White 262 16%
Pearl City Mayor
> Robert Knoup 165 61%
Tina Endress 89 33%
Nathan Pickard 16 6%
Pearl City Village Trustee
> Mat Diehl 210 31%
> Robert Asche 202 30%
> James Westaby 162 24%
Kevin Rauch 98 15%
Winslow Village Trustee 4-Year Term
> Lyle Temperly, Jr. 46 31%
> Robert K. Chumbler 46 31%
> Leroy Wernet 42 28%
Ralph Douglas 15 10%
Winslow Village Trustee Unexpired 2-Year Term
> Michael L. Milliken 46 79%
Susan McCarthy 12 21%
Freeport Twp. Supervisor
> Patrick A. Sellers (C) 2,980 77%
Odessa Walker (D) 903 23%
Freeport Twp. Trustee
> Joy Sellers (C) 2,557 26%
> Kathleen Altensey (C) 2,171 22%
> Nickee Bender (C) 2,004 20%
> Melinda Cook (D) 1,820 18%
Andra C. Taylor, Jr. (D) 1,426 14%
Harlem Twp. (Steph. Co) Highway Commissioner
> Kory Wheat 369 68%
Terry H. Boomgarden 175 32%
Harlem Twp. (Steph. Co) Trustee
> Jodi L. Colberg (R) 355 22%
> Kevin Otte (R) 351 22%
> David P. Macomber (R) 341 21%
> James G. Ryan (R) 302 19%
Brad J. Kauffman (I) 275 17%
Lancaster Twp. Trustee
> Kurt Kubatzke (R) 174 24%
> Keith Meier (R) 157 22%
> Bob Ostendorf (R) 148 21%
> Edgar Englekens (R) 136 19%
Cynthia S. Saar (I) 104 14%
Loran Twp. Highway Commissioner
> Fred Domberger 16 64%
Kevin Kohl 6 24%
Dan Evans 3 12%
Ridott Twp. Highway Commissioner
Garrett William Miller 2 50%
> Travis Runkle 2 50%
Russell Boyer 0 0%
Waddams Twp. Highway Commissioner
> Larry Rackow (D) 172 72%
Justin Heid (R) 68 28%
Freeport Park District Commissioner
> Debbie Schwartz 2,144 37%
> Ken Collin 1,986 34%
Adam Moderow 1,711 29%
Freeport SD 145 School Board 4-Year Term
> Shirley Bradley 2,648 23%
> Janice Crutchfield 2,043 18%
> George R. McCarty 1,973 18%
Ryan Shirley 1,801 16%
Mark J. Farshtchi 1,505 13%
Duane Rosemeier 1,300 12%
Lena-Winslow CUSD 202 School Board 4-Year Term
> Elizabeth R. Foley 753 22%
> John J. Leuenberger 749 22%
> Jess Schumacher 661 19%
> Peter Conway 631 18%
Daniel Packard 622 18%
Pearl City CUSD 200 School Board 4-Year Term
> Nikki Keltner 518 21%
> Chad Bremmer 455 18%
> Amy Lieb 436 17%
> Wayne Crackenberger 432 17%
Ashley Gronewold 400 16%
Richard Sargent 260 10%
Carroll/Jo Daviess/Stephenson Regional School Board 6-Year Term
> Sarah Knapp 5,420 24%
> Jim Frisbie 4,944 22%
Karen Sirgany 3,716 17%
Daniel Davis 3,204 14%
Randy Hasken 3,179 14%
Steve Bazzell 2,053 9%
Steph. Co Anti-Corruption Reform Advisory Referendum
> Yes 6,830 90%
No 775 10%
Dakota CUSD 201 Property Tax Increase
> Yes 789 61%
No 513 39%
Highland Community College Trustee
> Pennie Groezinger 8,588 28%
> Steven Jennings 7,757 25%
> Douglas Block 7,547 24%
Joe M. Kanosky 6,913 22%

Freeport, Illinois — It is important to us that the citizens of Freeport are afforded the opportunity to get to know our leaders and potential leaders, up close and personal.

Often, politics are muddy though. Knowing where candidates stand on issues, what their plans are for the city, their experiences they bring to the office and how they are able to work with other leaders to help make Freeport move upward in all areas of the city, are crucial for each citizen to know.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?layout=gallery&listType=playlist&list=PLx43nW8g5c-gUwVcdr9k2jEx7vCL57VGg[/embedyt]

Knowing all the candidates and having an equal opportunity to hear all candidates address the same issues of the day, is rare. We don’t think it has to be, nor should be.

Additionally, this election marks a historic time in Freeport’s history.

For the first time ever, Freeport will elect its first ‘part time’ Mayor. With the advent of the change in city government to a city manager form of government, choosing the right Mayor may never see a more important time for Freeport.

In light, we sat down with each of the candidates currently running for the office of Mayor of the city of Freeport, Illinois. and over the span of a week and a half, aired each interview to the public.

No candidate was able to watch any other candidates interview neither did the public see the first interview until all interviews were already filmed.

The candidates running are Dave Fonda, Jodi Miller, Andrew Crutchfield,  Jon Staben, Mike Koester and Joe Cardoso.

All six interviews are available to the public for viewing at any time.

This will also be the page where you will find interviews with additional candidates who are running for other city or county offices.

FIRST DEBATE: You can find the first debate held February 3, 2017 at the Masonic Temple here also.

Here is the list of questions asked at the debate hosted by the Freeport  Downtown Development Foundation and the candidates to which the questions were asked.

Introduction and platform:
Each candidate gave a background and spoke openly.

Then it went to Community Questions:

Dave Fonda:
What are the top 2 or 3 goals you would to achieve within the first year in office.

Mike Koester:
With regard to support for your campaign, are you will to share with us your top 5 donors and the amounts that they have contributed.

Andrew Crutchfield:
What does the word transparency in government mean to you.

Jon Staben:
Give the building failures over the last few years, what are the policies you would propose to prevent future collapses and demolitions in the downtown area?

Jodi Miller:
What goal would you set for your first 90 days, 6 months and 1 year in office if elected Mayor?

Joe Cardoso:
As you know, ethics in government is paramount to ensuring that no conflict exist, between personally owned business and government bodies while serving as a civil servant. How would ensure that if you own a business it would not profit by being elected Mayor of Freeport?

Dave Fonda:
What skill set do you have that makes you the top candidate for the position of Mayor and explain how these will move Freeport forward?

Mike Koester:
What is your number one priority and what specific actions would you take to make progress in the first 6 months in office?

Andrew Crutchfield:
If you are elected Mayor, what will be different 3 years from now?

Jon Staben:
What are a couple of immediate changed you would propose as Mayor?

Jodi Miller:
If you are elected the Mayor, would you have an open door policy for the constituents for Freeport?

Joe Cardoso:
What is your realistic forecast for Freeport’s future in 3 years and how will it be different from today?

Dave Fonda:
What experience or education requirements do you think the new City Manager should have.

Mike Koester:
What is the number one quality you have that will make you successful, if you are elected as Freeport’s new Mayor?

Andrew Crutchfield:
If you own a business, what ethical guidelines would you put in place to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between you and the goals of city government?

Jon Staben:
What specific successes can you point to your professional or business life that you will use in your role as Mayor?

Jodi Miller:
What action would you take to prevent the continued erosion of our historic downtown buildings? What types of commitments are you willing to make in regards to repairing and stabilizing the historic Freeport City Hall building?

Joe Cardoso:
What would you do to help make Freeport a safer place to live?

We strongly encourage you to watch our interviews where we sat down which each local candidate, (above).

In addition, early voting has started. We suggest you wait to vote until you have learned more about each candidate by watching these up close interviews, as well as any debates you decide to attend.

You can vote early starting January 19, 2017 which will run through February 27, 2017. You can cast your early vote in the lower level of the Stewart / US Bank Building located at 50 W. Douglas St.

Times are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. Early voting also will be held February 25, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m..



Your 2017 City of Freeport Mayoral Candidates.