A Rock-aversary? When ‘Metal and Marriage’ Share a Special Day

Freeport, Illinois —  We’re just not sure what to call this to tell you the truth. It’s that mysterious day that only comes around every once in a — well, we really don’t know how long.

We’re not sure it’s ever happened.

It’s the day when Rock-n-Roll guitar heroes are born and Rock-n-Roll Anniversaries stand proud.

It’s when music gives a hard upper fist to critics who say Rock-n-Roll marriages don’t last and that music doesn’t live on forever.

For Rock-n-Roll fans everywhere, today is a special day.

For every married couple out there who’s ever celebrated that once in twenty two year special victory day themselves, today’s the day.

Today, Transit bassist Michael May and his wife Sandy May (we’re not making that up) were married 22 years ago this very day. (You could busta rhyme with what we just said.)

Does anyone even remember 22 years ago? Wow.


But besides that, guitarist Carl Schwartz the lead guitarist for the band Transit also celebrates the day because today, is also his birthday.

Now that’s just freaky.


Band mates tell us they just recently all figured the whole thing out too.

Mike told us for all the years of playing together and being one big family together, no one ever knew.

So, while we try and figure this whole thing out if you know these cats, wish Mike and Sandy a very Happy Anniversary and Carl, a very Happy Birthday ‘dude’. (you have to say to dude to Rock guitarists).

Maybe we’re suppose to go listen to a bunch of Transit music today, who knows.

Either way, Happy Anniversary Mike and Sandy.

Twenty two years ago I had hair so congratulations and Carl, just keeping doin what you do man. Hope you guys all truly enjoy your day together.

(Not together together because that would be just weird.)

You know what we’re trying to say.

Happy Rock-aversary.

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