Accountability In The 21st Century


Are you tired of seeing less and less accountability in our world today? Criminals getting away with murder, rape, home invasions? We see the crime rate rising, so this begs the question, why?

We think in the 21st Century we should be more technologically advanced and much more better than what it was 100 years ago. The ONLY diffrence is, technology is different. We still have the behavior problem as it was generations before us. Why? Why do we repeat the same mistakes? Why do we think we will be better than our parents or even grandparents time? Answer is truly simple.

If we spent more time in relationship than trying to change the fundamental dynamics of human nature, we would allow ourselves to listen to our elders. Search the past and see what did work. The Bible has so many resources as to what does work and what does not. Accountability begins when I see the errors of my behavior and choose to change it by replacing what was to what God wants me to be. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. This brings the greatest accountability and in this new mindset and behavior, peace and prosperity follows. But as human nature does as it always will. It will always seek radical change thinking it will be better. That is much of the definition of adults and children.

We should be optimistic as likened to children, but know the value of the human heart. I believe we have a genuine accountability problem in the world today because of a few people who thought they could make the world a better place. They tried it in 1800s. 1900s. We gained knowledge, but did We pass it on? Or did We just decide to ignore the truth about ourselves? Accountability is humility. Are you humble enough to share the truth with your children today?

Written by Life in the 21st Century

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