Dr. Condie Visits the First Graders at Lincoln Douglas School

Freeport, Illinois – Kids sure do love to learn about animals.  This week in Freeport our first graders at Lincoln Douglas elementary got that chance when Dr. Condie, a local veterinarian, visited the first graders at Lincoln Douglas.

Dr. Condie talked about animal adaptations and the different needs that animals have. He shared stories about the animals he has worked with and brought instruments he uses when he cares for them.

Lincoln Douglas said it was awesome having him help students learn about animals and answer all of the questions they had!

Dr. William B. Condie graduated from Iowa State University in 1979 with his D.V.M. degree.  Recruited from campus by Dr. McGregor and Dr. Held, he immediately joined the practice in 1979.  He is a member of the NIVMA (Northern Illinois Veterinary Medical Association) and in the past has served as president and board member.  He is also a member of the AVMA (American Verterinary Medical Association), the ISVMA (Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association), and the Iowa State Alumni Association.  In addition to veterinary groups, he is a charter member of Freeport Sunrise Rotary club.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing bridge and racquetball.


Photo: Lincoln Douglas

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