FHS Music Department Creates New Event To Benefit Students For 60+ Years

Freeport, Illinois — Freeport High School’s Grammy award-winning music department has created an original opportunity for students to engage in what education has started to call “project based learning.” The Opus Project is a single day event, to take place on April 19th, which will emphasize FHS students’ growth through performance and creativity.

The new event was created out of a need to continue to provide students with the best parts of the 66-year-old Tri-II Festival that was recently discontinued out of a lack of successful partnerships with other schools.

“Our goal was to create a new event that would benefit our students for 60+ years like the Tri-II Festival had done,” says Bill Petersen, FHS Music Department Chair. “It was important to us that we keep as many of the wonderful learning traditions associated with the Tri-II Festival as possible.” These will include, but are not limited to, guest clinician involvement, live performance, concert etiquette, team building, and school pride.

Each year, the Opus Project will explore a new theme. This year’s event will be based on the theme of “Reflection”. Students will explore and connect with music creatively on multiple levels in order to create projects surrounding musical reflection. The rest of Freeport High School has been invited to participate in the theme as well.

The Opus Project is not open to the public. Project based learning strives to give students opportunities to personally connect on a deeper level with content, to create meaning, and to draw connections to prior learning.

If the public would like more information about the Opus Project, you may contact Bill Petersen, FHS Music Department Chair, at bill.petersen@fsd145.org or 815-801-0400.


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