Freeport’s Greg Stansberry Nominated for Male Rap Artist Of The Year

Madison, Wisconsin – It’s been a lifelong dream for Greg Stansberry of Freeport, Illinois, or as his fans call him, G-Todd.

As an artist growing up in Freeport and from a very young age, creating music that reaches people has always been the goal for this talented rising star. A goal that is finding its way closer and closer to becoming a reality for a man who truly is deserving of it.

The Madison Hip-Hop Awards (MHHA) recently released the nominations for Male Rap Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Mixtape of the Year, Video of the Year, Song of the Year and Collab of the Year and Stansberry, found his name on two.  Those are;

  • Male Rap Artist of the Year
  • Song of the Year

The Madison Hip-Hop Awards (MHHA) was founded in May of 2010 as a response to the need to bring positive attention to Madison’s talented and dedicated Hip-Hop scene. The awards ceremony is a not-for-profit event and takes place Saturday, November 12, 2016.

G-Todd’s recently released single called Stamina, a song featuring Axe B (Anthony Foote) quickly became a hit with fans everywhere. The song, as well as the artist G-Todd have both been recognized.

Greg told us, “this is such a great honor and I am humbled by the nomination“.  He adds, “now I just need all my fans and family and friends to go vote for me.

One fan was noted as saying, “G Todd is the real deal. Own music, beats, studio! Great guy, extremely talented, unique, and a very well educated gentleman”. Knowing Greg ourselves, we couldn’t have said it any better. Greg is a true stand up gentleman.

The song “Stamina” can be heard by using this link here Stamina, or you can also watch a trailer of the Stamina music video here.

Other nominees up this year are listed below. Voting is all done through Broadjam and voters will need to register to vote, which is a very simple process.

Male Rap Artist of the Year

Bang K Sankofa
Brezzy Esco Lucien Parker
Chaos New Money Money Maverick
Chas O Money
CRASHprez P Swagger
Damien Isaiah Prince Paul
DJ Sixteen Ra’Shaun
DLO Rich Robbins
G Todd Trapo
Gimmickless Trebino
ICE Typhon
Ike Cash Cartel Wi$co
Jack Helmuth Young Delta

Album of the Year

All.This.Gold. – Rich Robbins
Band Camp – Brezzy Esco
Best Intentions – Jack Helmuth
Black Sheep – Lucien Parker
The Cook Up – Compound & DJ Pain1
SHE – Trapo
The Takeoff – P Swagger

Mixtape of the Year

#414certified – Prince Paul
A Throwback to the Future – Compiled by Bosslady, Mixed by Stacktrace
CHA5 – Chas
Currency – DPA
Hip Hop Music – RemedyBornMuzik
Midwest Madness Duval Addiction Edition Hosted by O Money
Milkshake Wishes and Cheeseburger Dreams – Brezzy Esco
New Money Volume 5: Rachet & Blues – Chaos New Money
The Black Beverly Hills – Trapo
The Cover – Bang
Theology – Typhon
Things Have Changed – 3rd Dimension
Things Will Never B the Same – Young Delta
Wi$co Way – Wi$co

Video of the Year

After Recess – Lucien Parker (Shot by Nikolai Hagen)
All I Know – O Money ft Doejah & 20 (O Money Records)
Came From Nothing – Wi$co (Shot by DDS Films)
Chosen – 3rd Dimension (Shot by Niko Money)
ESPN – Chris Jack ft Lil Blue and Stunt Nu (Shot by Niko Money)
Fugayzi – DJ Sixteen (Dir. By Elite Clientele)
Kick Back – Trend N Topic (Filmed by MacManTV)
No More – Jay Jupiter (Dir. By Evan “Sweez” Millard)
She Moved On – Trapo (Dir. By Cody LaPlant)
Still Here – RiP (RiP Records)
Trappin and Rappin – Trebino (Shot by Niko Money)
Watch Out Remix – Bang (Dir. by OMoney Records)
 Who Am I pt 2 – Snipe Boyz (Dir. By Elite Clientele)

Song of the Year

All of My Hittaz – Prince Paul
Calling – 3rd Dimension
Chicago – Trapo
Dasani – Jilla (Prod. By Kemal)
Girls Like You – Ra’Shaun
I Go Krazy – Young Delta ft Iconic
Incomplete – Gimmickless
Kick Back – Trend N Topic
Like It or Not – Wi$co
Making Moves – DJ Sixteen
La Familia – DPA ft. Omoney and Roach
Pen Cold – Typhon
Plastic Guns – Chas ft. TayVan
Ride n Smoke – Ike Cash Cartel
Sauce – Jack Helmth
Scrungy Boy – Trilogy
Stamina –  G-Todd feat. Axe
Still Here – RiP
Thinkin Bout You – ICE
Trappin and Rappin – Trebino
Verbal Bullets – K Sankofa
Weirdo – O Money ft. Kevin Gates & T.Rone
What Eye See – Damien Isaiah
Whip It Good – Brezzy Esco
Zig Zags – Snipe Boyz

Collab of the Year

The Curve – Divida Loca ft. Chaos New Money
Dial – Ra’Shaun ft. Trapo
Famous – Money Maverick ft. Bruce Hova and Sammi Mack
Hands High – DLO ft. Sincere Life and Gango
I Go Krazy – Young Delta ft. DropTopPorsh & Iconic
Momma Don’t Cry – DPA ft. Dash Dub and Bang
Muddy Waters – DJ Sixteen ft. Jay B Coolin
Sauce – Jack Helmuth ft. Trebino
Still Here – RiP ft. PR, Influence, TruMotiv
Weirdo – O Money ft. Kevin Gates & T.Rone
What’s Mine – Prince Paul ft. Steezy and Zarcass
Yeah Hoe – Damien Isaiah ft. Quintino, Jonny Cvsh, Retro
Zig Zag – Snipe Boyz ft Sed the Jerk
We would like to congratulate Greg on his nomination and continued success in music.
If you would like to vote for Greg, you can do so at this link here.

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    I have been in freeport all my life, never heard of ANY of these rappers listed. Must not of looked to hard for rappers, as 3 rappers dominate this city and I never heard of a GTood

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