Here’s A Familiar Freeport Face – Who Remembers Junior?

Freeport, Illinois — Here is a story we would like you to fill in the blanks for. While we know of Junior, and remember seeing him everywhere riding his bike, we know very little about him. We’re hoping some of you will help us build a story behind this photo — more, a viewpoint of how the public remembers Junior and knows of him.

The photo belongs to Marsha Moyer Bollt.

This particular photo seemed, at least to us, to represent best the image of how Junior may have been viewed in Freeport. In other words, if we asked if you, “remember Junior?”, this might be the image that comes to mind.

If you have other photos feel free to share them and any story that might go with it. 🙂

Remember Junior? Like, share or comment. 🙂

junior freeport il


Photo: Marsha Moyer Boll

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