Ignite Your Morning – See It Differently

My good friend, Steve, and I are trained life coaches. When we coach, we have an exercise that we walk people though called perspective coaching. In this coaching, we have our client stand up and state the thing that is weighing most heavily on them at the moment. Usually, the response is full of offense, pain, frustration and the like.

After they get done describing this we say, “take a step forward” followed by “what is a different way you can look at this situation?” and no matter what they say we ask that question again and again until we have run out of ways to look at it.

Would you believe that I have never seen someone come up with less than 5 ways to look at something when I have walked them through this?

So with 5 different ways to look at your situation, it’s your choice.  Which perspective are you going to choose to run with?  For me, I find the one with the most hope and take that one.

How about you?


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