It’s A Great Day For A Birthday! Everyone, Say Happy 21st Birthday To Jess Heimer

Freeport, Illlinois – Ah, the age of 21. Independence, freedom, adulthood it’s all finally arrived. YES!

Today, one local Freeport resident is celebrating that as today is his 21st birthday.

jess-heimerJess Heimer of Freeport turned 21 today and we think birthday’s are kind of a big deal.

So if you get a chance (there’s never a better time than the present) wish Mr. Heimer a happy 21st birthday.

And if you have any wisdom you’d like to bestow, or any life lesson’s you care to give, well, 21 is as good as any age to share your knowledge.

Happy birthday Jess. You were always a great kid and we’re pretty confident you’ll grow up to be a fine man as well.

Happy 21st Birthday.



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