Letter – Driving Too Slow For Conditions?

My fiancé had just picked me up from work at 10 pm this past Friday night. We live in Forreston. In the vehicle are two co-workers, my fiancé driving, our 6 year old son, our 17 year old son who also works with us, and finally, myself. We leave Freeport on Route 26 heading towards Forreston.

It is snowing pretty good and the roads are starting to drift. My fiancé  is driving 25- 30 mph. We get passed once by a 4 wheel drive truck and get almost to Baileyville road when a car behind us pulls up, and it’s a cop who pulls us over. He said our sticker was expired, which is true, however he said that since we were going so slow and the truck passed us we were causing a hazard and should be driving at least 40 mph.

My fiancé told him she had kids with and didn’t feel comfortable going that fast with drifts and what not. He again said well I am able to go at least 40 mph so you should be able too. We have a minivan which we feel safe in however I cannot believe he kept telling us we had to go faster.  We’re just curious of your thoughts. My fiancé hasn’t had a traffic violation in our ten plus years together, she was going as fast as she felt comfortable. Visibility at that time was horrible.


Curious on Route 26.


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One thought on “Letter – Driving Too Slow For Conditions?

  • January 22, 2019 at 10:19 am

    I believe this officer was in the wrong. I’ll be the judge of how fast I should drive for safe transporting my family in a snow storm. If he can safely drive 40mph then he shouldn’t have any problem passing

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