Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office Issues Scam Alert

Stephenson County Illinois – The Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office reported earlier today that they have received information about a scam involving e-mail in which the perpetrators are using email in an attempt to get money sent to them. The scammers are claiming through email that they are in a foreign country and are in trouble and need money wired to them.

The Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office says to always check the whereabouts of your friends and family before you send money, especially if they beg you not to contact anyone about this. Please warn your elderly family members of this as some scammers will pose as grandchildren and urged their grandparents not to tell anyone but just send them the money.

Scams can come in all sorts whether it be by phone, email, social media, regular mail ETC. These scammers prey upon those people that care and just want to help. Please check a person’s story before you send money and don’t be afraid to warn others of what these scammers tried to do to you. You may save someone else from making a mistake.

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