SUNDAY BUZZ: Illinois Central Land O’ Corn. Do you have memories of Trains to share? Chime in.

SUNDAY BUZZ: RockfordReminisce put out this photo today of the “Illinois Central Land O’ Corn” Train pulling out on a winter morning in 1965.
One Freeport resident recalls when his Father was a Baggage Man on the train and recalls a time when you could ride the Train to Chicago. “We could ride the train free”, he said. “We would go to see the Chicago Cubs, the Musuem of Science & Industry, the Arm Musuem, the Aquarium, and any other points of interest in Chicago. We always had great times when we traveled on the Trains”. What are your thoughts? Do you have memories of Trains to share? Chime in.

Some local comments were:

Great memories of the “Can O Corn” as my dad, Glenn Bloyer, always called it. My aunt lived in Chicago so every few weekends we were at the station either meeting her or heading into Chicago – always had a Nancy Drew with me for the ride in!

My Grandfather was an engineer on the Land O Corn. When they would come “home” at night, sometimes I got to ride in the engine and pull the whistle as they went to the roundhouse. Fond memories. Very dedicated men who many times missed Christmas and birthdays, etc. because of their schedule.

Took the train from Freeport, Il to Faribault, MN. Had about 3 hour layover in Waterloo from about midnight until 3 in the morning. This Was about 1960 as close as i can remember. They served a box lunch with sandwich, hard boiled egg cant remember what else. It was a fun trip

Rode the Land O Corn all the time with my grandparents. Grandpa worked for the railroad, so rode free to go see my uncle. Still love traveling by train.

I rode the Land of Corn when I was a little girl with my brother and mom and dad to Hinton Iowa to see my grandma and grandpa. We had a sleeper car. What a great adventure!

My stepfather was an engineer on the Land of Corn. He told of on one of the runs, the train got stuck in a snow drift.

We took one of the final trips to Chicago. Miss the trains.

Rode the Land O Corn many times as a young girl!

The Illinois Central Land O’ Corn is pulling out of the train depot on South Main Street Chicago bound on a winter morning in 1965.

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