The Curse Word We Never Realize Is A ‘Curse’

Good morning! I have to say that as I’m writing these blogs I’m seeing some real trends in my messages. I typically seem to be writing about things about our perspective, the lenses that we use when we look at life. Perspective is so important to living a successful life. Today I’d like to usher in a new perspective on a word that we use almost incessantly if I may. So here it is…


Busy is a curse word!

Yes, we are all busy. If you are living here in the United States of America you can almost always say that you are busy. Absolutely everyone is.

But when we declare busy over our lives we are doing 2 things. We are in agreement with being absolutely overwhelmed with activities and we are declaring to people in our lives their level of importance to us.

You see, we always make time for what’s important to us. So I’d encourage you to watch yourself when you say that word “busy” and see what and whom you are saying busy to.  It’s a good way to check what you really value. Just like you can see what matters to you by looking in your checkbook, you can also tell what’s important to you by how you use the word “busy.” If someone especially like your spouse or your kids are hearing the word busy, it would definitely be a great time to evaluate what’s important to you.

The goal?

Spend lots of time on the important stuff and maybe be a little bit busy for the stuff that tries to steal, kill and destroy our time. Busy is a curse word!


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