UPDATE: Alleged Murder/Suicide Attempt: “I was there when it happened”

Freeport, Illinois — UPDATE: More news relating to the alleged attempted murder / suicide on Winchester drive in Freeport has just been obtained.

A witness who alleges being on the scene during the event has stated she was there when the alleged event happened.

“i was there when it happened” she said.

“i watch her get stabbed . i saved my moms life by waking up to her screaming for help. I ran out the door. Covered in blood screaming for help . i hope my mom makes it . i got stabbed in the thump. Had to get stitches . it was a nightmare.”

News of the victim has also been obtained and according to one family member, as of roughly eighteen hours ago, the alleged victim is out of surgery and is going to make it.

All names are being withheld at this time.

We are still awaiting news from the Freeport Police Department.


WIFR out of Rockford has also released this news here. In their report they state that Randy Watson, of Freeport has been arrested for attempted murder.



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