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Your Friendly Freeport Auto Parts Store

Here's why I like Carquest in Freeport.

46 Years In Business

Rite-Way Furinture & Appliance is celebrating their 46th Anniversary. :)

Bald is Beautiful

Don't hate us because we're beautiful. Bald 4 Bucks is today at 6:00 p.m.. at Logan’s. Come out for the fun and help support a good cause. Plus, Killbourn starts at 9:00.

Your Corner Taste of Chicago

5:00 Ride Home. Make A Stop At This Neighborhood Beef, Sausage & Hot Dog Joint And Check Out Those Smiles When You Get Home. (no joking) 312 Beef & Sausage in Freeport, Illinois 815.616.8553 -

Wrestling Returns

WRESTLING RETURNS TO FREEPORT. During the 18th Annual Joe's Fest held July 25 thru the 28th at Jumpin Joe's Sports Bar & Grill in Freeport, come watch LIVE Championship Wrestling in the parking lot :) You cannot miss this. Joe's Fest starts this year on Wednesday (July 25th) with their 20th Annual Bike Night, hailed as the BIGGEST and BEST Bike Night in all of Northwest Illinois. Wrestling happens on Saturday. Lots of other Joe's Fest events planned during Joe's Fest 18. See this event page for more.

Game Corner

Wait, is that Yoshi with a sledgehammer in his hand? He's not doing what we think he's doing is he. Oh boy, Game Corner at the Meadows Mall in Freeport is doing it again.

Caught some visitors (and this Monster truck) from Florida today hanging out at Hooker Harness in Freeport. (They said they all had lunch at the Landmark too.) :) Here's a little about what's behind the truck and why they were here.

The End of Independence Day

Enjoy these. This may be the last time you ever see Fireworks in Freeport. Word has it (in part from organizers and from the city) there will NOT BE an independence day celebration this year (2018). In years past, the city of Freeport has fully funded and organized the annual event for Freeport. Over the past couple years the city has partially funded the event, with citizens of the community organizing and fundraising the rest. If it weren't for hundreds of citizens, businesses and others who did help over the past 2 years, Fireworks may have ended in 2016. It looks like this year, they will for sure.

It's 5:00 Somewhere

AUTOTIP: 5:00 Ride Home Auto Tip From Dan's 66 on Galena Ave by Aquin Highschool in Freeport.

A Happy Place To Be

You just can't fake those smiles. Come out to Logan's for lunch or dinner (or have them deliver). Logan's = Happiness. But don't just take our word for it. :)

Thank You

K&T Greenhouses Would Like To Thank All Their Friends and Customers For A Great 2018 Season. As a small family business, the support from everyone in the community is very heatfelt and appreciated. From the K&T famliy to yours, have a great Summer and rest of the year. See you next year!

Home Sweet Home

How Was The 1st Day of The Stephenson County Farmers Market in Downtown Freeport? Well, we're about to tell you.

Watchin' it grow

We love all of our homemade and homegrown goodies. Especially when they're from the Freeport High School Student Garden. We caught up with the gardening group on their 1st sale day of the 2018 season. Here's an update.

Saturday In the Park

If you missed the fun this year, (or didn't even know about this), here's some cool people we found to tell you more about an annual tradition this town of 500 calls Saturday In the Park.

It's BIG, Really Big

Who's going to this in 2018? :) Thanks to our sponsors, and you our viewers, we are able to bring you pieces like this. Support the businesses and people we share with you. Nothing we do is brought to you by Freeport, the county or via any community development. We just support our fun Freeport traditions and it is our hope, you will too. Cruise Night 2018 will be held on Saturday August 11 this year in downtown Freeport. See ya there.

It's Parade Time

Here's a small town parade your kids would really love. (lots of goodies) Nice to see everyone in Dakota today as part of Saturday in the Park. Nice job Village of Dakota. We will be visiting you again. (P.S. Fireworks tonight. :) ) #stephensoncountylove.

Big family fun today in Dakota during Saturday in the Park. Food, vendors, tons for the kids to do, a Parade at 2:00 and fireworks at night. Come to Dakota.

Carquest Auto Parts

For the parts you need and the service you want visit Carquest in Freeport. Locally owned and operated right here in Pretzel City.

40 Miles of Sales on Highway 75

The Route 75 Road Show - The biggest community wide sales event of the summer is happening Today and Tomorrow. 40 Miles of Sales on Highway 75. Join us as we go from Freeport to Lake Summerset looking for great deals and great people. We find plenty of both. Get a map of all the sales and learn more at this link. Don't miss Saturday in the Park in Dakota on Saturday. :)

A nice place for jewelry and more

Did You Know? Locally owned Jewelry store Gemorifics offers a full line of in-store services? From engraving on wood, glass, plastic or metal to re-tipping, sizing, mounting or even changing your watch battery while you wait. 840 W. Meadows Drive. 815-232-0005 #keepitlocal


What are YOU guys (and gals) doing this weekend? Hmm? Happy Friday from Dan's legendary old time gas station. Dan's 66

50% Off End of Season Sale

EVERYTHING 50% OFF - It's the last days to pick up something beautiful at K&T Greenhouses. Today and this weekend take 50% Off Everything as K&T prepares to end their great season, thanks to all of you. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8-6. 5943 W Burr Oak Rd - (815) 235-7989

Around Town

When's the last time you saw this view inside the Freeport Lincoln Mall? Look like you remember? Thoughts? Comments? Memories Here?

Quittin' Time Ride Home

Always Such A Peaceful Freeport Place. Who loves the Krape Park waterfall. :)

A Freeport Favorite

Have Lunch or Dinner at one of Freeport's most loved downtown restaurants. Share this around. :)

Back to the Future

Still Pumping Your Own Gas? That's So Yesterday. Step Back To The Future At Dan's 66 On Galena. Here's Dan To Tell You More! :)

Your Corner Taste of Chicago

Here's A Neighborhood Beef, Sausage & Hot Dog Joint You Must Try. 312 Beef & Sausage in Freeport, Illinois 815.616.8553 -

Bald is Beautiful

Freeport citizens are shaving their heads for a good cause on Saturday June 9th. Even if you don't shave YOUR head, this is a really fun event to come out and watch. We hope to see everyone there. Learn more here:

Always Remember. Memorial Day 2018.

The Day Positive Young People Took Over Freeport

Share It. The world should see a positive message like this. Learn more here.

One of Freeport's Coolest Destinations

Come experience one of Freeport's Coolest Destinations this weekend during the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club's Memorial Day Celebration. The following is a segment we did for their "Train of Terror" but a nice way to have a look around. This is a great place for the kids!! :) You can learn more and get pricing here.

The Best Sleep

Get the best sleep, the Rite-Way. Enjoy over 37,000 square ft. of the best selection and the biggest savings. 20 E. Stephenson St. in downtown Freeport. 815-235-4911

An Entertainment Exclusive

EXCLUSIVE: We sat down with singer, songwriter and former tour manager for Larry the Cable Guy, Jeremy McComb, as he was in town kicking off his 2018 Troublemaker Tour at Logan's in Freeport, Illinois. It's pretty crazy the stories that come out of just one tour bus. This is easily one of our favorite interviews. Thanks for hanging with us Jeremy McComb. #whilefreeportwassleeping #notallfbombsarebad #musicyoumissed Watch the extended segment on YouTube.

The NextHome First Class Ride Home

Here's a memorable drive you probably haven't been on in a long time. Who remembers driving down this little spot in Stephenson County?

Funny little thing called love

Logan's is one of Freeport's favorite local hotspots serving up great food, spirits and fun for people of all ages. Here's why Steve loves Logan's.

Open All Weekend

K&T Greenhouses will be open all weekend long this weekend from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. Stop on out. They still have a nice selection of mixed pots available too along with many other items. Hurry for best selection. 5943 W Burr Oak Rd. (815) 235-7989

Since 4000 BC

Truth is... we all get by with a little help from our friends. Did you know? The history of smoking dates back to as early as 4000 BC. True.

New Fun Activities

NEW BUSINESS: Meet JGA Dance and Fitness. A new Freeport funspot everyone can enjoy, with fun things to do for the kids too.

A Friend In The Jewelry Business

Did You Know? Locally owned Jewelry store Gemorifics offers a full line of in-store services? From engraving on wood, glass, plastic or metal to re-tipping, sizing, mounting or even changing your watch battery while you wait. 840 W. Meadows Drive. 815-232-0005

Checkout some of these great resources for familles tonight at the King Center.

What the hell is wrong with people.

Music is what feelings sounds like

ENTERTAINMENT: Nice to catch a little of the Tom & Larry show last week in Freeport. Here's a small clip from their show at Logan's this past Friday. It's too bad "Freeport" doesn't focus much on its music and entertainment. So many talented artists, bands and such a rich history (past and present) of music here. Guess we'll have to do something about that too. :)

Bald is Beautiful

We told you. Freeport citizens are shaving their heads in alarming numbers. :) Find out why here. Read more:

Star-Studded Networking Event For Youth Sunday

Having access to successful people isn't easily available to youth in Freeport. Being able to walk up and talk openly with someone who plays on a TV series or, who makes their living as a musician, dancer or getting to talk with a successful entrepreneur isn't something Freeport kids have access to every day. The Non-Profit, "This Is Life", started by Natalie Manning's 11 year old son, hopes to give youth that experience this Sunday with a FREE event called Youth Lives Matter. Tons of very special guests, music, performances, food and networking opportunities for our youth of all ages. Here's Natalie with her son (now 16) along with Malasia Jordan (who just opened a new business in the Lincoln Mall) to talk about this Sunday's event.

Full 2018 Highland College Graduation

FULL SEGMENT - The 55th Annual Highland College Graduation Commencement 2018

LIVE At The 55th Highland College Graduation Commencement. (Note: It appears the last 15 min. or so of the ceremony is cut off in the segment below. The full ceremony in its entirety is at this link.)

K&T Greenhouses

Pick up something beautiful for your home or office at K&T Greenhouses. Open today and this weekend 8-6. 5943 W Burr Oak Rd. (815) 235-7989

Put another dime in the Jukebox

Here's a little Friday Flashback for everyone. Who knows the history of this beautiful AMI "High Fidelity" Jukebox? Look familiar to anyone? Maybe from back in the day when you were in school? (hint hint) Thoughts, commnents, memories? Chime in. Such a nice treasure to see during our travels.

All flavors and push ups too

Here's a summertime favorite. Who loves the ice cream man? Won't be long and we'll be hearing this jingle soon.

You won't find Elwood but you will see Dan

There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Now, we just need a full tank of gas from Dan's 66.

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