1,000 Person Friends & Neighbors March Update

Can Freeport truly come together as a mixed culture and make a statement of peace, no fighting, no violence, 1,000 of us, all together in the streets?

This is the event that will say that above any other event in Freeport history. We’ll even broadcast it.

We’re looking for 1,000 people of all ages from all across the city of Freeport, Stephenson County or anywhere in the region who will stand with us against the senseless shootings and violence in our community. 1,000 people who will make a statement of peace, family and community.

We would like to do this four times within one year at four areas within Freeport, (but let’s try number one first). Maybe an hour or so of time total and covering perhaps a few blocks of walking, (or riding a bike). We’ll work out the details. We may just do it at a parade. :)

The date of March 31st is just put in here so there’s a date. It’s somewhere off in the distance because knowing 1,000 of you WILL walk is going to be harder than just meeting somewhere and walking itself.

The message is simple.

We’re your neighbors. We all live here. We’re here because we don’t want anyone to get hurt in our city. Not your kids, not our kids and not either of us.

Along the way people can join in and walk with us. They can come outside and talk with us. This is a friendly walk open to EVERYONE. In other words, open culture.

We all talk of community, setting aside our differences, being culturally mixed, well, here’s our chance to show that we are and can be. It very well could be the biggest community statement against fighting any small town has ever made.

Would you be part of making a statement? That’s all we’re asking right now.

Just click the button that says you’re coming to this event, share this with people you know and once we get 1,000 people, we’ll plan a day and organize the entire thing.

Make a stand in our streets with us. Be one of the 1,000.

Our next update will provide the day, time and location which will be late June, early July.

UPDATE: 1,000 Person Friends & Neighbors March Against Violence – Here is an update to this summer event. Our next update will provide the day, time and location which will be late June, early July.

Posted by Today In The Port on Monday, May 15, 2017

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