Cimino’s Little Italy Now Offers Online Ordering

Freeport, Illinois – It’s true. We could hardly stand the excitement ourselves. Your favorite group of Italians in Freeport, Cimino’s has just added online ordering to their already one of a kind restaurant and fun place.

And if you know the Cimino’s, you know that’s a big deal.

The Cimino’s are all about family. They want you to come out to their restaurant, bring your family, bring your friends and make a night of it in their bar, out in their patio or inside their atrium. But, sometimes you just want to stay home. Well now you can and a fresh hot Cimino’s pizza or any one of the delicious items on their menu are yours just a click away. Seriously. Like, right here and bam. It’s crazy how it all works.

So go be with your family.  Go sit down next to your partner and say honey, no stress tonight because I’m cookin Cimino’s and then click right here and order your favorite Cimino’s food item.  Order online today.

Cimino’s Little Italy
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