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Enjoy some of the best restaurants for Dining in Freeport, Illinois whether for lunch, dinner, carryout or some great fast, drive-thru food for on the go. Click each listing to get more details. To add a restaurant to be listed here, contact us.

Cimino’s Little Italy
421 Challenge Street Freeport
815-235-8700ciminos little italy freeport illinois - 4
9 East Coffee
9 E Stephenson St Downtown Freeport
(815) 233-7300 – View Specials
9 East Coffee Catering Mobile2
1101 W Empire St Freeport
(815) 233-0032Cannova’s in Freeport Voted #1 Romantic Restaurant In Illinois
Logan’s Bar & Grill
1805 S West Ave Freeport
(815) 232-4592
Dairy Queen
651 W South St Freeport
(815) 232-1235
Union Dairy
126 E Douglas St Downtown Freeport
(815) 232-7099
2143 W Galena Ave Freeport
(815) 232-9393
Freeport Eagles Club
1200 W Galena Ave Freeport
(815) 232-5615
Route No. 73 Brew & Chew
201 S Main St, Pearl City, IL
(815) 443-3222Route No. 73 Brew & Chew Pearl City Illinois
Just In Time BBQ
175 S Stephenson St Cedarville, IL
(815) 908-0370
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