Enjoy This Little Tour of Freeport Homes Decorated For The Holidays

Freeport, Illinois — Just ten more days until Christmas comes and our snow covered wintry city of Freeport is all lit up and decorated for the holidays. What a beautiful time of year.

It is so interesting that in this age of technology, where we commonly experience the intense colors and lights of big, if not enormous, screens everywhere, we are still excited by, and have great and undiminished affection for Christmas lights.

We are all delighted by even the smallest little light in the dark night, and no matter how world-weary we may be in other respects, that delight exists for the old and the young alike. The twinkle, the ambiance, the warmth, for some reason those little glowing lamps give us a tremendous amount of joy.

Not everyone can get out and see all the decorated homes in our city though. Thanks to the friendly and talented students in Tim Connors media class, for those of you who can’t make it out to see the lights, they’ve taken the tour for you.

They even complied it all in a nicely put together video we show you below.

So whether you’re at home for Christmas or your out of town this holiday, enjoy this little look at our home of Freeport this 2017 Christmas season.

If you’d like to take a drive through the city (or county) yourself, here’s a list of where some of the best decorated homes can be found.


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