Freeport Clergy Group “One City, One Congregation” Healing Service

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — The many faith communities in Freeport and Northwest Illinois are called together to be “One City, One Congregation.” All are invited to come together in an ecumenical time of worship, prayer, and healing as we prayerfully respond to domestic violence and gun violence witnessed in our community.

The service will take place on Sunday March 3, 2019, at First Lutheran Church (ELCA), 303 S Galena Ave, Freeport, IL, beginning at 2:00 p.m., hosted by the Freeport Clergy Group.

“Our community has faced the reality of life-ending violence. We are all aware of the recurring instances of domestic violence, gun violence, and race-based violence in our city, and the feelings of powerlessness and senselessness that these acts bring to our hearts and minds. This gathering stands to show that our community can come together, to show that peace with justice can be built through our unity in diversity, and that we can come together as one Freeport to do something that empowers our community to be a be a city of peace.”

The service will include a time to grieve, to pray, and to begin healing the broken places in our lives and community. It is offered as a witness that in the manifold faces of hate and violence, we are called by Christian and Hebrew scripture to pursue peace with justice at all times.

The Freeport Clergy Group is an ecumenical gathering area clergy celebrating connection and ministry as a community of peers, working to bring the many faith communities in Freeport and the surrounding area into dialogue with each other. With participation from a diverse gathering of faith traditions, the group is organized with the following commitments:

• Building community in Freeport and Northwest Illinois

• Creating ministry connections between our congregations

• Advocating for a Community inclusive of Race, Gender/Orientation, Ability, and Faith Tradition.



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One thought on “Freeport Clergy Group “One City, One Congregation” Healing Service

  • February 22, 2019 at 6:34 am

    TWO DECADES AGO such an effort was begun in conjunction with the New Orleans program Christian Community Youth Against Drugs Foundation (CCYADF) and the Freeport NAACP was involved with a DOJ/FBI Mediation to address some of these issues about a decade ago.
    Numerous churches were invited to participate, and we had ‘buy-in’ from a number of churches and some groups, but without some funding and parallel support from government representatives and purported ‘community leaders’ such efforts are doomed to fail.
    I pray this time egos and private agendas will be set aside for the greater good.
    It’s about time for a sustained commitment to lift Freeport, Stephenson County and the region together to create a true sense of community and caring where people want to live and where businesses can thrive!


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