In The Directors Seat – Freeport High School Theatre Department To Present ‘Art to Art’

Freeport, Illinois — Freeport High School Theatre Department proudly presents Art to Art in the Studio Theatre (room 228 of Freeport High School) Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, March 8, 10, and 11, at 7:30 p.m.  Three seniors direct three one-act plays to make a unique and entertaining program.

As far as we know, Freeport High School is the only school in northern Illinois to provide students with the opportunity to direct their own shows.  Head of Theatre Tim Connors remarks, “These seniors gain such valuable experience by directing and producing one-act plays.  It’s experience that will help them in college and beyond.  We are so proud of our student directors and actors.”

Senior Cecelie Eiler directs a short drama called “I Dream Before I Take the Stand.”  The cast includes Kya Eckert and Carter Hopkins-Croak.  Sydney Mitchell directs a comedy entitled “The Casting Catastrophe,” featuring Garrett McDonald, Tommy Tempel, Farrah Sands, Ella Redmore, Mariah Endress, Erin Kornfeind, and Carter Shockey.  Quentin Roelfs directs another short comedy, “Regina Fletcher Wins the Science Fair.”  The cast includes Jeffrey Apodaca, Cassie Torrisi, Mallory Donaldson, and Bella Rogers.

Delicious desserts are served between the one-act plays.  Please use the west parking lot near the guidance office of Freeport High School.  Tickets are $6 each.  You may purchase tickets at the Freeport High School Business Office from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., or you may call 815-232-0428 during the same hours.  For more information, please contact Tim Connors at 815-232-0446


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