Learn The A,B,C’s of your Bicycle During This Special Local Event

Freeport, Illinois — With spring and summer right around the corner there has never been a better time for the whole family to be prepared for this years bike riding season.

On March 27, 2017 our local PHK Bicycles will present a special event called the “A,B,C’s of your bicycle”.

PHK Bicycles offers a full service bicycle repair shop and they build each bicycle frame to your specification. They primarily sell only American made bicycle products.

The event will give the bicyclist insight on the proper Pre-Inspection every bicyclist should perform before every ride.

At the A,B,C’s of your Bicycle, you will learn the basics of:

(A) Proper air pressure in your tires
(B) Brake inspection
(C) Cable and Chain inspection

Food and drinks will be provided.

The date of the event is Monday March 27, 2017 from 6 PM – 7 PM

The event will be held at PHK Bicycles & Skateboards, 205 N. Adams in Freeport.


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