Southern Wisconsin Teen Music Sensation “Precocious” To Perform At Bobbers

Monroe, WI – In November of last year we brought you the story of teen music sensation “Precocious”.  Four unsuspecting teen girls who you might think are all wrapped up in selfies, boys and American Girl dolls yet instead, are four talented musicians who are all on a mission to entertain and perform.

Since we first brought you the news of them playing in Freeport, this band of brothers, (or sisters if you want to get technical), has been gaining new fans in droves all across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin with their popular Rock & Roll Music from the 60’s on up style and their all girl band appeal.

On Friday, Sept. 23rd, in what might be their final concert of the year, Monroe’s own all-girl band will take the stage from 6 – 9 pm at Bobber’s Tap in Winslow, Illinois.



Some of their specialties include covers of Rock & Roll Music from the 60’s up to the present time and they are constantly adding original songs to their music collection.  “We simply love music and we strive to make ourselves better through continued practice, playing live performances wherever and whenever we can” they told us.  “We love music, we love and respect one another, our parents, our fans and our community.

Bobber’s is located at 612 Bridge St, Winslow, Illinois

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