Stephenson County’s Legendary ‘Old-Time Drive In’ Opens For The Season

Lena, Illinois — Long before the drive-thru was even thought of, drive-in diners in America were a popular hang out place and in full swing. The drive-in (like Lena, Illinois’ Lena Drive Inn) was a type of restaurant where customers ate their meals on the premises without leaving their cars.

Customers would pull into the parking lot and be immediately greeted by carhops, combination waiter-busboys who served burgers, fries and shakes on trays that clipped on to the car’s window.

Photo: Lena Drive Inn
Photo: Lena Drive Inn

Since those early years of car hops, hang out places and community gatherings, most of America’s Drive-In’s are now a thing of the past. That is of course with the exception of Stephenson County’s legendary drive-in, the Lena Drive Inn.

As one of the last few old time drive-in’s left, Lena Drive Inn located in Lena, Illinois carries on the tradition still to this day.

In a recent announcement, Lena Drive Inn will be opening for the 2017 season. They offer ice-cream including malts, shakes, flurry’s, banana splits, and cones.

Some of the food they offer are pizza burgers, pork tenderloins, 3 piece chicken dinners as well as shrimp dinners, grilled or friend chicken sandwiches, Reuben and Philly sandwiches. They also have the classics like bacon cheeseburgers and hamburgers.

lena drive inn5

Lena Drive Inn says they are shooting to open by Friday, April 21, 2017.

So if you’ve never experienced a drive-in family experience such as what the Lena Drive Inn offers, take a drive to Lena, Illinois and checkout Stephenson County’s legendary old time drive in. And if you have an old time car or even a convertible, gas it up, pack in the kids and make it an adventure.

The Lena Drive Inn is located at 304 N Freedom St. in Lena, Illinois. Their telephone number is (815) 369-4317

Photo: Lena Drive Inn
Photo: Lena Drive Inn



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