Stick Fighting Olympiads Winter Games 2019 Coming To Aquin This Sunday

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — The Stick Fighting Olympiads Winter Games 2019 is coming to Aquin this Sunday. From 1 PM – 6 PM come see the olympiads compete for victory at Aquin’s Winter Games event. Character, Strength, Displicine, Endurance, Victory – these are the traits of Stick Fighting Olympiads.

Stick Fighting Olympiads was born from the vision of GrandTuhon, Leo T. Gaje, Jr. His leadership and training have started this competitive movement that shares the culture, traditions, and values of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Stick Fighting Olympiads is open to all forms of Martial Arts, and this event will be using padded sticks for both the youth and adult competitors.

Padded sticks are provided, however helmets with neck protection and gloves are required and not provided for these games.


Youth Division – Single Stick Padded | Double elimination | 40 participant max | $25 for tournament fee

Adults Division – Single Stick Padded | Single elimination | 30 participant max | $50 for tournament

Distance Sparring Division – Single weapon | one minute free flow | judges score on form, function & flow | Registration is included in the ticket price.

Registration and tickets can be found by clicking here.

Hosted by Stick Fighting Olympiads
Sunday at 1 PM – 6 PM
Aquin Schools
1419 S Galena Ave, Freeport, Illinois 61032
Tickets · $12.24 – $54.67


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Stick Fighting Olympiads- SFO: Creating warriors through youth & adult tournament stickfighting. Character, Strength, Displicine, Endurance, Victory - these are the traits of SFO. Check out our olympiads competing for victory at our recent Winter Games tournament! ... See MoreSee Less

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How often does the SFO take place? I'm very interested. ... See MoreSee Less


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Usually every 3-4 months. Next one May/June in East Moline/Iowa area.

2 months ago

Stick Fighting Olympiads

Sneak Peak at one of our SFO Winter Games vendor table! Rooster & Hen Craftsman Shop created custom framed signs for our event! Come check out Bastinelli Knives, CUMA, ILLIKnives & of course our SFO Winter games t-shirt table!Sneak peak at our Rooster & Hen Craftsman Shop Vendor table! They will be selling these custom made framed signs at our SFO Winter Games 2019! ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

Stick Fighting Olympiads


Stick Fighting Olympiads
SFO Promotional Video: Narrated by: Doug Meyers Created by: Christopher Dino R/ Tuhon Jesse
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Stick Fighting Olympiads - SFO ... See MoreSee Less

Stick Fighting Olympiads - SFO
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