There’s Mad Men In Amity’s Attic – Need Your Help To Remove Them

Freeport, Illinois — A lot of us have stuff in our attic we’ve moved from this place to that place. Items that over time we have used, sold and even restocked with new items we’ve found or have purchased. We even keep our seasonal items in our attic’s. All the Christmas decorations in the summer, and all the spring and summer decorations in the winter.

There’s one place in downtown Freeport though with things in its attic, that might surprise you.

There’s madmen in their attic. (Well, there will be anyway.)

Every year Amity’s Attic in downtown Freeport has to get ready for the spring and summer season. Like us, they have to take all the items from winter back upstairs and haul all the spring and summer items downstairs.

This Thursday from 8 am to 9 am this wild and crazy Madmen volunteer group (called M.A.D. Men) will be moving stock at this wonderful non-profit from the 2nd floor to the first floor, “bucket brigade style.”

Amity Society of Freeport, Inc. was founded in 1880. It was founded by Isabel Fry and Dr. H.D. Jenkins and according to Amity’s website, is the oldest charitable organization in Freeport and one of the oldest children’s charities in the United States.

Over the years Amity has evolved in many ways. In the 1910s and 1920s, Amity added the Infant Welfare Station, the Orthopedic Clinic, Amity Visiting Nurses Association and the Well Child Clinic. In the 1960s, Amity began the original Head Start program in Freeport and opened the Amity Day Care and Learning Center.

These Madmen? Well, they’re a grass roots organization started by Denny Garkey and Terry Steenrod as a volunteer group of men who work at changing the perception and community attitude of Freeport.  Their goal it to engage people and encourage them to move into action within their community through projects that will encourage more of the community to come together and make change for the better.

So this Thursday from 8 am to 9 am for about ONE HOUR ONLY you can come help move “bucket brigade style” items from the 2nd floor of Amity’s Attic to the first floor with a bunch of cool Amity folks and a bunch of wild and crazy madmen.

The volunteers even provide a great breakfast afterwards to all the helpers. No heavy lifting is involved.

Amity’s Attic is located at 22 W. Main St.,  in downtown Freeport. Their phone number is (815) 232-8581

The M.A.D Men are in their 5th year helping the community. M.A.D stands for “Making A Difference”.


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