TODAY: The First Ever Cross Town Family Biking Event In Freeport’s History

Tour de Freeport – Free 10-Mile Family Bicycle Ride through the heart of Freeport.

The first ever cross town family biking event in Freeport’s history. Held on September 24, 2016 with registration beginning at 9 am at Tutty’s Crossing, 205 E. Stephenson Street, downtown Freeport, the event includes special interactive stops along the entire route everyone will enjoy, plus you have a chance to win a Del Sol Lxi 6.1 bicycle.

1) Register for the Tour de Freeport the morning of September 24, 2016. At the registration you will be give a “TDF Passport“.

2) Get your passport stamped at each of the seven “Just Shift Art Interactive’s”.

3) Turn your completed stamped passport into PHK Bicycles after the “Tour de Freeport”. You will be then entered to win a Del Sol Lxi 6.1.

Along you’re route you will visit;

  • Small Town, Big Heroes
    • 12 individuals and their stories in a photo exhibit called “Small Town Big Heroes”. Help celebrate one of our regions greatest assets, our people, and their commitment to improving lives.
  • Lofty Ideals (Home)
  • Seed The Change
    • One of the 7 stops on the Tour de Freeport bike ride is “Seed the Change”, an organic interactive featuring hundreds of growing herbs and vegetable containers. Join in helping us “seed the change” in Freeport. The Tour de Freeport will be Saturday, September 24, at 9 am, at Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead in downtown Freeport.
  • Freewheel’n
    • Freewheel’n – one of the 7 art stops on the Tour de Freeport on Saturday, September 24. The Freewheel’n stop is hosted by FHN and will feature some fun things from them as well as an awesome bike built from salvaged materials (thanks Groeling Salvage and Renegades of Junk).
  • Enchanted Forest
    • An enchanted forest, magical creatures, huge nests…representing the magic of our parks…another stop on the Tour de Freeport on September 24 beginning at 9 am at the Tutty’s Crossing Trailhead. Don’t miss it!
  • The Giving Cube
    • Another stop on the Tour de Freeport which will be this Saturday, 9 am at Tutty’s Crossing in downtown Freeport is the Giving Cube filled with lots of “needs” that our community has and that you can take and agree to do sometime during the next year. The goal is to have all of the needs peeled off until the cube is completely solved.
  • Splat! the ArtBot
    • The last stop on the Tour de Freeport will be Splat! The ArtBot sponsored by the Freeport Art Museum and the Freeport High School Robotics Team. The kids are getting the ArtBot ready. And, don’t worry, the paint that ArtBot flings will wash off!


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