Warning: You Are About To Enter The “No Fluff” Zone

Former Fox News talking head Bill O’Reilly (before he got the boot!) always starts his show with “you are entering the No Spin zone”. Similarly we at Freeport Health Club have what is regularly called the No Fluff gym. Now I didn’t coin this phrase, I actually saw it posted at USA Gym in Bridgeview IL and it stuck. Occasionally I am asked what exactly is a No Fluff gym? Most folks know from the context. So let me enlighten you in some brief paragraphs as follows:
*No Fluff means you work and progress at your own pace BUT we encourage you to go all out when working out. Make every rep and set count. We are not a social or a country club!
*No Fluff means we won’t hand you a cushy little pillow and tuck you in bed at night. Results is the name of the game, not fashion, not hype and not pampering. We make no apologies for being blue collar!
*No Fluff means if your looking for a trendy, artsy and beautiful facility with shiny happy equipment that does the work for you, you may not like it here. We have the largest free weight selection in the area, allow chalk, dead lifting and like it when you make some noise!
*No Fluff means we preach disciplined eating with some degree of allowance. High protein and carbs, low fat for some, others may need low carbs. Just like a Dr doesn’t prescribe same medicine for everyone, we too realize everyone metabolizes food differently. I rarely run across someone who gets enough protein.
*No Fluff means we discount the silly little “here today, gone tomorrow” fads that many gyms promote. Technology is a great thing but old school gets the best results for standing the test of time.
*No Fluff means we abhor how the big box commercial gyms and unscrupulous supplement companies have bastardized an otherwise respected industry. From phony claims made by nutrition enterprises (just check out all the BS in the magazines) to fitness clubs who lure unsuspecting members into their businesses by making unrealistic promises, one franchise even offers free pizza, bagels and tootsie rolls. How is all this looking out for your best interest?
So whether you are looking to lose weight, maybe you need to firm up or a hard training athlete we have what you need! All in a great atmosphere in a gritty, no nonsense environment.  Whatever your fitness needs, rest assured we can help you. Please call us in advance for a free evaluation and bodyfat test. Our phone number is 815-233-0066 then hit 0. You’ll see why we break the mold of conformity!! 
And remember, leave your teddy bear at home, as we are NO FLUFF!

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