You Built It, They Keep Coming And Every Year We All Help Keep It Clean

Freeport, Illinois — One of the best features of Freeport is undeniably Little Cubs Field. A mostly volunteer effort, the field is not only a place where dreams and baseball come together, it’s where people come together.

It’s where the people of our community came together.

On Saturday, April 8th from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., Little Cubs Field will have their annual clean up day. They will have some beverages and donuts for volunteers and will be doing some painting of the front of the gift shop. They will also be doing some general cleanup, minor repair of the siding, some raking, cleaning windows and the outfield doors, powerwashing of the brick stonecap, putting new logos on the top of the 3rd base dugout, possibly putting flags up and cleaning up flower beds.

Lot’s to do. But, it’s what makes our field look nice. thanks to you.

Field staff also said they may do some prep work on the future Patrick’s Garden, near the left field bleachers, in honor of Patrick Kennedy, former Madman.

Bring rakes,spades, stepladders, hammers, paint equipment, tarps, hand tools, brushes.

Items needed if you have them are;

  • Powerwasher
  • Circular Sander


Opening day for LL is April 24th. Go Cubbies!


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