Conversations Over Pizza – Local Citizens and Freeport Police Get Together Over Pizza

Freeport – Last night a group of local citizens and Freeport police officers got together and had pizza and talked. No, don’t adjust your audio, you’re hearing is just fine. It’s called conversations over pizza and it’s an opportunity for local police and local citizens to get together and talk over some great food.

Conversations over pizza is a way to bring the community together to open the dialog of communication between law enforcement and the people

The evening began in a very relaxed setting. Everyone introduced themselves and then each person was given the opportunity to state the problems they feel exist in the breakdown between the police and with youth and families in the community.

Once everyone stated what they felt contributed to the breakdown, the conversation turned to solutions and each person was able to inject their thoughts on how to solve the problems that exist in our community.

Conversations over pizza will be an ongoing and the entire public is welcome to attend. We were there and can tell you, this is truly a great way to put all the attitudes aside, the differences aside and merely come together as a people for one common goal. The mood of the room wasn’t law enforcement and citizens, it was every day people together in a room.

The next conversations over pizza will be held December 16 at the Westview housing office at 5:00 p.m.

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