Freeport Law Enforcement and Local Freeport Citizens Build Relationships Over Pizza

Freeport – The 3rd night of Conversations Over Pizza Was tonight and the time in the community just keeps getting better. Tonight brought many new faces from the community and more city leaders to show their support in making a stand against the breakdown between law enforcement and the people.

Conversations Over Pizza is a community gathering where local Freeport Law Enforcement and Local Freeport Citizens build relationships with each other. Tonight everyone broke off into 4 groups and each openly discussed a local crime topic brought up by the group in past meetings. Each group then came up with solutions.

The highlight of the evening was a special appointment of the CIA. CIA stands for Citizens In Action and is made up of citizens from the community who will actively carry out solutions discussed at conversations over pizza.

Our view, Conversations Over Pizza is building the gap between law enforcement and the people and solving real issues within the Freeport community. We spoke with community leaders after the event and this is what they have to say about Conversations Over Pizza

The next conversations over pizza will be held January 27 at the Westview Housing Office and starts at 5:00

Yet Another Example of How The Freeport Community Comes Together To Make Freeport Even Better. Share This!#TheRealHeartofFreeport

Posted by Today In The Port on Thursday, January 7, 2016

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