New Video Reveals Something Seriously Wrong With Freeport High Teacher Tim Connors

Freeport – We all know Mr. Tim Connors, teacher at Freeport High School in Freeport, Illinois can be a little off sometimes. Whether it’s some wacky play he’s involved in, an off the wall script his high school class is working on, or some new gadget Mr. Conners bought that has him off in his own little world, time and time again Tim Conners has proven himself to be a teacher with some serious issues.

Take for example, his students. All of Mr. Conners students absolutely love him. Maybe it’s something in the water, maybe it’s a special kool-aid he makes them drink before class, or perhaps Tim is an ancient voodoo Doctor who is magically able to cast spells on his students,  we’re not entirely sure.

What we do know is that generation after generation of students who come through his class adore him, appreciate him and have many fond memories of his time with them as their teacher. Clearly, that is a unique trait not many teachers possess which naturally leads us to the conclusion that either Mr. Conners is an alien, or something is seriously wrong in his chemical balance.

Have no fear though, we are actively in pursuit of answers to this local mystery and are digging deep into the story behind Tim Conners, (the teacher from Mars) and will bring you developments on this case as we uncover them. In our initial digging though, we did find this video that seems to substantiate a lot of our concerns.  Anyone who watches this will clearly observe what we’re talking about, however, we caution you before hand.

One, don’t look into his eyes. Two, don’t laugh whatever you do. Three, for the love of pretzels, don’t fall for the act until we can unearth the mystery behind this local Freeport, Illinois High School teacher who all the kids love.

Just watch for yourself.


All kidding aside, generations of kids from all walks of life have been influenced, encouraged and shown love by Tim Conners along with so many others in the Freeport School District. For that reason alone, we tip our hat to Tim. It is teachers like you who students remember long after their time in High School and long after their worries over homework assignments and bathroom passes have gone away.

Beyond that small “good job” or a little “way to go” encouragement, it is the teacher who without words, says I care about you, you mean something to me, your life, education and happiness matter and it is those teachers who will forever make a difference in students lives.

To that end, whatever he has, our only hope is that it’s contagious.


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