Dairy Queen In Freeport To Offer Half Priced Grill Burgers

Freeport – Jane Sofolo, part owner of the Dairy Queen restaurant on South Street in beautiful Freeport, Illinois and resident of Freeport wants to give back to the people. As a Freeport resident, and member of the community, Jane meets local people everyday and lives the struggles we all face here and in other communities across our county. “We all struggle with the costs of things and when I have the chance, I always try and give back”, says Jane.  “It’s about people. It’s about family. When I can help them I feel like I’m doing my part to give back to a community that supports me as well”, she told us. “Isn’t that what it’s about?” 

Jane told us for as long as she can Dairy Queen in Freeport will offer their Grill Burger’s for half price. All you have to do is say you saw it here (Today In The Port) so they know you get the half price discount.

Dairy Queen employs 18 local people who support themselves and their families here. Next time you’re hungry, stop by Dairy Queen and tell them we sent you. Take advantage of this special offer and help support your own family as well as other’s in our community.




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