Furst-McNess And Micron Bio-Systems Sign Agreement To Enhance Research

Furst-McNess and Micron Bio-Systems are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement that will enhance both company’s research and development efforts within the areas of Feed and Forage Preservation, which includes researching and understanding Feed Quality, Molds and Mycotoxins. Both companies have a keen understanding of the needs in this market, and through the application of their core competencies in the advanced sciences and research and development, cutting edge product-based technologies and species-specific programs such as the McNess Equalize™ and Micron’s Ultrasorb™ product lines, have already been developed and proving themselves in the market place.

“Combining Micron’s core competencies in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology and immunology, along with McNess’ expertise in research and development and their strong market presence, makes all the sense in the world,” according to Bob Rhoades, V.P. and General Manager of Micron Bio-Systems. “We are confident that by working together we’ll be able to do something remarkable in the market,” he added.

“This agreement provides Furst-McNess and Micron Bio-Systems the ability to drive advancements in our Swine, Beef, and Dairy technologies that will result in improved livestock performance and sustained feed quality for our customers,” says Dr. Fredrik Sandberg, Director of Research and Development for Furst-McNess.  “Dr. Ralph Randall, our Southeast U.S. Dairy Nutritionist, and our newest Dairy team member, Dr. Dave Casper, will be very involved in our product development efforts, as both companies have a passion for developing cutting edge technologies that will help improve our customers’ bottom line.” Sandberg added.

The needs within the Feed and Forage Preservation, Mycotoxin Remediation and Nutraceuticals markets are growing every year, and through focused research efforts and strong customer relationships, McNess and Micron hope to be on the leading edge of this important effort.

“We’ve been working together for over 15 years, and this just makes sense,” says Steve England, V.P. of Furst-McNess Company. “Our goal is in meeting the needs of producers and bringing solutions to the table which maximize animal performance and customer profits, and our team is doing just that,” England added.

Micron Bio-Systems is based in the US and the UK, and has offices and presence around the world, including Russia and Asia, and an international leader in biotechnology, employing experts in microbiology, enzymology, biochemistry, and immunology to develop product-based solutions.   Furst-McNess has been serving the agriculture community since 1908, and operates throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing nutritional feeding solutions to the dairy, beef, swine and poultry markets.   To find out more about either company, visit their websites at www.micronbio-systems.comor www.mcness.com.  You can also email info@mcness.com.

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