Holiday Defense Tips

Oh, the holidays are almost upon us! Thanksgiving, Christmas and 2020 are all moving so fast, coming at us full speed ahead. Tis the season to eat, have drinks, be merry and for some, gain additional weight.

But do you have to?

Look, it’s no crime to have a great time with family and friends during the holiday season. The problem sometimes is how often we have those great times. There’ll be a family Thanksgiving, maybe two if you celebrate with “his” side and “her” side separately. There can be one main family Christmas but what about the holiday party at work, one with your best friend, another with your school chums? Not to mention all the goodies people bring to your job and call your name from the break room? It can literally be a mind field of sweets, savories and tons of calories that we must learn to navigate through so we don’t, well, “blow up”!

Here are some easy tips to help you get through the holidays:

1.) Don’t go anywhere hungry!

Eat something with protein and/or fiber before you go out. Eat a hard-boiled egg, a ½ cup of cottage cheese or yogurt. Fibrous veggies and fruits will fill you up as well. Have that cottage cheese or plain yogurt with some blueberries. Tastes good and will keep you full for a while!

2.) Water Water Water!

Make sure to keep your intake of water to at least 64 ounces every day. If possible, keep your water consistent! Our bodies will retain fluid if we aren’t giving it enough. That will make the scale go up and you’ll feel sluggish too. Did you know that dehydration can mimic hunger? That’s the last thing you want to feel, especially if you aren’t! And water is necessary because it forces fat to be used as fuel. So carry that bottle of water with you and sip on it. Every time you walk past a water fountain, sink or machine—take a drink!

3.) Portions.

We all want what we want. And let’s face it, the holidays are all about comfort, favorite foods and traditions. So have some. S-O-M-E. If Aunt Mabel’s fabulous cornbread dressing is calling your name, have some. Take a spoonful. It’s okay. Just remember to fill up on raw veggies, moderate amounts of fruit and water. Another helpful hint: Use a smaller plate! This will help trick your mind into thinking you are eating more than you really are. And yet another helpful hint: Cut everything up into smaller bite sized pieces. More trips to the mouth makes you brain think you are also eating more!

4.) Limit taste testing.

If you are cooking all this delicious food, then try to limit your taste testing. By the time dinner is served, you may have already eaten half a meal! A lot of people say, “oh it’s just a taste!” And true enough, it is but those “tastes” add up to portions!

5.) Try to be well rested.

During the holiday season it’s hard to get your normal sleep in. But try! Being tired makes us want comfort. And food is comforting. Try to take cat naps if possible. They really do help!

The holidays are supposed to be filled with family, friends, fun and food. It’s okay to have a good time! It’s okay to eat some of your favorites and by following these five simple tips, your holiday doesn’t have to turn into the scale giving you pounds as presents!

Want some additional motivation to keeping your health on track during the holidays?

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Carol J Krupke
For Freeport Health Club & Freeport Health Club+PLUS


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