Porsche Club Of America To Make Pit Stop at Lena Drive Inn on Friday

LENA, ILLINOIS – A group of over one hundred and fifty Porsche lovers from the Porsche Club Of America will fill the Lena Drive Inn in Lena, Illinois on Friday of this week.

As part of their fall driving tour, the Porsche Club Of America offers two driving tours per year. One tour is in the springtime and the other is in the fall. The tours are typically two or three days long and are usually to an interesting destination, many with an automotive theme.

On Friday, October 18, 2019 Porsche enthusiasts and members of the club will dine at our famous Lena Drive Inn.

The adventure starts in West Chicago, IL on Friday 10/18 and proceeds to Lena, IL to the Lena Drive Inn for lunch. After lunch, drivers head up the Mississippi River to La Crosse, WI where they stay overnight at the Fairfield Inn.

On Saturday the group crosses the river and proceeds south along the Mississippi River. They then have lunch riverside at the Off Shore Bar & Grill in Bellevue, IA.

From there they continue down the river to Burlington, IA where they cross back into Illinois and proceed to Canton, IL. They then stay overnight Saturday in Canton, dining together at the American Grille and on Sunday they head home along the Illinois River.

Long before the drive-thru was the drive-in. The drive-in (like Lena, Illinois’ Lena Drive Inn) was a type of restaurant where customers ate their meals on the premises without leaving their cars.

The drive-in concept was first popularized by a Texas chain of eateries called the Pig Stand, whose first drive-in opened on a highway connecting Dallas and Fort Worth in 1921.

Customers would pull in to the parking lot and be immediately greeted by carhops, combination waiter busboys who served burgers and fries on trays that clipped on to the car’s window, exactly how the Lena Drive Inn does it to this day.

Porsche Club Of America - Chicago Region

If you would like to catch the Porsche Club of America on part of their “Great River Road” tour from La Crosse, WI to Burlington, IA come out to Lena Drive Inn between noon and 1:00 pm this Friday, October 19, 2019. You might want to get there a little early, but give them room because there will be a lot of Porsche vehicles to see.

Cover Photo: Porsche Club of America Los Angeles

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