Children’s Hands On Museum of NW Illinois Holds Annual Meeting

Freeport, Illinois — The Children’s Hands On Museum of NW Illinois (CHOM) held their Annual Meeting Wednesday night, March 7, 2018. Board members were elected, and the 2017 Annual Report was distributed.

Election of officers included Claire Brinkmeier, Pearl City, President; Jessi Larson, Freeport, Vice-President; Shirley Jordan, Rock City, Secretary; Susan Walt, Freeport, Treasurer. Gwynne French, Dakota, was appointed PR Member, and Mark Miller, Freeport, was voted in as Assistant to the Treasurer.

At its previous board meeting the organization received with regret the resignation of long-time member and visionary, Christy Youtzy from position of president and from the board of directors.

CHOM is moving forward with a capital campaign to raise money to open a permanent museum in the fall of 2018.


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