Closer To An Open Date, UNIQUES Food Trailer Says ‘August 7th Target Day’ To Re-Open

Freeport, Illinois — August 2, 2017 — In a story that could easily be described as a cross between reality TV, House of Cards and Days of Our Lives, the plight of one man, his family and their right to pursue their own happiness in a small business now famously known in Freeport as UNIQUES, may finally be coming to a happy ending.

Carlos Luna, the owner of the UNIQUES food trailer told us yesterday he’s at the end of his journey, and says he is waiting on one final inspection and the doors to his little food trailer will be open once again.

“If all goes as it should, we will be open on Monday, August 7, 2017 at our new location at the PHK Bicycles & Skateboard shop located adjacent from the Union Dairy”, he told us in a message.

That means UNIQUES could possibly be open for Cruise Night 2017 which is August 12, 2017. We’ll keep you updated when UNIQUES opens and we encourage you to help support this small Freeport business.

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