Crazy Bearded Bikers Raid Easter Holiday “Bunny Trail”

Freeport, Illinois — One of the last groups of people you’d ever expect to see at an Easter holiday “Bunny Trail” would be a group of bearded, leather coat wearing bikers. It’s one of the things we love about Freeport, its Diversity.

You meet all types of people in Freeport and from all types of backgrounds and interests. In our experience, you run into a lot of really great people.

At this years 2017 Krape Park Bunny trail, amid all the eggs, candy and furry rabbits was just that. A group of Bikers.

And not just your ordinary bikers either.

A group of bikers specifically there for a good cause.

The history of the organization dates back to 1972 with the original brainstorm for such an organization occurred when Herb Shreve and his teenage son purchased their first motorcycles. According to their website, it was not until 1974 when the need for a new organization such as theirs began to be realized.

“Herb attended his first motorcycle rally and saw a massive crowd of motorcyclists who did not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. In fact, many had never heard the Gospel message.

The realization of such a great need prompted Herb to share his vision with a couple of Christian friends. Together, they began to pray. Herb became more and more convinced that God wanted a Christian organization dedicated to reaching motorcyclists with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the spring of 1975, he put action to his prayers. An attorney was contacted and a non-profit charter was applied for and approved. The waiting was over. The Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) was born.”

If you would like to learn more about Freeport’s bikers for a good cause, you can do so on their website.

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