Do You Know The Hidden Secret Behind Freeport’s Old City Hall?

Freeport, Illinois — Did You Know? Back in the late 1800’s the architect of Freeport’s City Hall, a man by the name of D.S. Schureman, had asked that his name be put at the cornerstone of the city’s new building? City officials however denied his request.

So instead, he suggested that the names of famous individuals in literature and science be put there. An idea which the city council of the time liked. Unaware of Schureman’s real motive, they agreed.

It wasn’t until after the work was completed did anyone realize what Schureman had actually done. If you look today at the very top of Freeport’s old City Hall you will see 11 names. If you look closely, the first letter of each name spells, D.S. Schureman.

The names at the top read:

Dante, Shakespeare, Spencer, Chavcer, Homer, Uhland, Rabelais, Emerson, Milton, Addison and Newton.

D.S. Schureman


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