Rockin n Rollin at Krape Park During Freeport’s Largest All Day Metal Music Festival

Freeport, Illinois — I often wonder where we’d all be if it weren’t for the wonderful sounds of music. The plethora of individual sounds that come from the soul of an artist, which makes its way into our ears, is one that can make us smile, laugh, upset or cry like a baby.  Or better said, in the words of Rik Emmett, it’s not just a game of notes, it’s the sounds inside your soul.

This past weekend Freeport had a special treat of music. The 2nd half of the annual Summer Music festival put on by Black Diamond Music Studio took place at Freeport’s Koenig Theatre. (Freeport’s Band Shell)

Altogether 11 bands took the stage to play the all day festival on a day that weather wise, simply couldn’t have been nicer.

The line up of the day included many local and regional heavy metal and punk favorites such as a new band from Freeport called Insonorous followed by Sterling’s Fearless Me. The line up also included;

  • Brown Bag Charley from Sterling
  • WC Punks from Freeport
  • Eye of the Beholder
  • Most of Me
  • Karma & Effect
  • Static Signal
  • Lost Thoughts
  • Sirens are Calling
  • and Sparrow who ended the fabulous day of Music with style.

We’d like to thank all the musicians, artists and bands that came to Freeport to play this past weekend and a special thank you to Deb Green and Mark Frazer of Black Diamond Music Studio for putting on another spectacular day of music.

LIVE All Day Music FestivalPosted by Today In The Port on Saturday, September 30, 2017

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