Ignite Your Morning – Rebuilding Ruined Cities

Good morning! Let me ask you a question.

I know, I am always asking questions aren’t I? Would you say that you are an inward focused person or an outward focused person? For me, I would say I used to be inward focused, but as I grow I have become more outward focused.

There is a verse in the Bible that hit me that I can reflect on regarding our community: “And they shall rebuild old ruins. They shall raise up former desolations, and they shall repair ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.”

Is there some rebuilding that needs to happen in our city? Absolutely!

We need new infrastructure, which really means we need to rebuild our foundations. When I talk to people in our great city the words “we need” and “we used to be” come up quite a bit.

So how can we rebuild ruined cities? How can we bring Freeport back to its glory days and beyond?

For me it’s about becoming outwardly focused and getting involved in the community by using my strengths, talents, time, and finances in the opportunities that are open before me. It’s completely not a “me” task, because I certainly couldn’t fit all that into my calendar, but I really think that when it becomes a “we” team we can do absolutely anything. Let’s do this together Freeport! Like the movement is saying… are you all in for Freeport?


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