Ignite Your Morning – Train Your Heart

Want to get messy this morning? I don’t, as I’m not sure I have the time to clean it up. But if you can make a mess do this with me!

If not, let’s use our imagination for a minute.

Take a tube of toothpaste, take the lid off and squeeze it. What comes out? Water? Coffee (we all wish right?!) No, toothpaste comes out when you squeeze a tube of toothpaste right?! So it is with us, what we have put into our hearts, through our words and mindsets will come out when the “squeezing of life” comes.

So, what comes out when you are squeezed?

If it’s not what you are wanting to come out I have hope for you! While out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, we can also train the abundance of our heart by what we intentionally speak.

So lets start hump day out right:

Repeat after me:

This is a great day!
I am a champion
I am a world changer
I am unique and beautifully made
I Will!
I won’t quit!
I won’t give up!


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