Illinois Police To Begin Testing Drivers For Drugs

Illinois — Looks like one Illinois city is about to break ground on new ways to test drivers who may be under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines and opiates like heroin soon.

The Chicago Tribune first broke the story that Carol Stream police will soon try out new tests meant to quickly detect if drivers have drugs in their systems.

The test is designed to be quick and portable using a device called the P.I.A.2. Officers will use mouth swabs and the device will then test the swab and give officers measurements for the amount of drugs present.

According to their website, P.I.A.² is the only mobile reagent system worldwide for the analysis of drugs of abuse and pharmaceutical drugs in a variety of sample materials. P.I.A.² may be used at anytime and in anyplace. Compared to visual interpretations, P.I.A.2 is more reliable, more accurate, and also well suited for sandwich assays.


The system will begin testing on a voluntary basis because results can’t yet be used as conclusive evidence in court. Drivers will be asked if they’re willing to give a saliva sample and the roadside test results would then be compared to blood tests police conduct afterward to see if they match.

Law enforcement officials will have to prove to the courts that the testing is deemed consistent, reliable and accurate by the scientific community before results can be used as conclusive evidence in court.

Carol Stream police will begin testing drivers in February.

police will begin testing drivers in February for marijuana



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