It’s A Great Day For A 102nd Birthday

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Everyone, say Happy Birthday to Katherine. Katherine is celebrating her 102nd birthday today (January 4th, 2019) in Freeport, and that’s pretty special.

Last year, when Katherine turned 101, we had the privilege of spending her birthday with her and her family at Presence Saint Joseph Center in Freeport. We were about to do the same this year, but were told Katherine isn’t feeling well today so we had to postpone the party. That doesn’t stop us from wishing her a happy birthday though.

So Katherine, Happy Birthday.

If we are fortunate enough to look half as good as you, and live even close to your age, we will consider ourselves lucky. And if we still have family around who loves us like you do, well, what else can you ask for.

Happy birthday Katherine. We have a feeling a few others might want to wish you a happy birthday as well.

Katherine’s 101st birthday.

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