Kimberly Taylor Honored by NextHome As #1 Realtor

Freeport, Illinois — You wouldn’t think being number one would be so difficult yet after hours at the airport, countless discussions with customer service representatives, and what seemed like forever on the phone trying to find lost luggage, Kimberly Taylor’s recent planned trip to San Diego didn’t go so well.

If you’ve ever experienced trying to undo 3 canceled flights, and still make it to your destination with some part of your sanity left then you know.

That entire airport experience is one of the worst.

That’s partly why when local realtor Kimberly Taylor couldn’t make her trip to San Diego for a NextHome real estate conference recently she was really bummed. Not only because of the hassle in dealing with airport troubles, or even because her luggage was apparently so far separated from itself, parts of it weren’t even in the same city, (none matching the city Kimberly was in of course).

But bummed because when you’re the number one Realtor in an entire company, you reach that place because you care about the job you do for the clients you represent. At the beginning of the day and the end of the day it’s about people and in Kimberly’s case, the people of her community. Missing a conference was a big deal.

So when the NextHome folks in San Diego got wind of Kimberly’s travel troubles, CEO James Dwiggins and VP of Business Development Imran Poladi got together (with 600 of their closest friends) and decided to send their number one Realtor a video message.

Here is the video they sent.

[srizonfbvidsingle id=10213567917766081]

So when you’re looking to buy or sell your next home, make sure you call Kimberly Taylor at NextHome First Class. With over $24 Million closed sales in 2017 and over 240 transactions closed in 2017, Kimberly has the proven success important to anyone buying or selling real estate in the marketplace.



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