New Exhibition Due to Open at Freeport Art Museum

Freeport, Illinois – The Freeport Art Museum will open a three person exhibition titled Fabrication, on Friday, May 12th from 5-7 p.m. Exhibiting artists include Les Allen (IL, Rosalie Koldan (IL) and Paul Nitsche (WI). Each uses an array of objects in their art, which they painstakingly assemble and fabricate to create imagined and unexpected scenes. Initially, the combinations of elements within the works might appear contradictory or even illogical, thereby challenging the viewer to make sense of the unfamiliar by placing themselves within the scenes. The results are surreal-like compositions that pull at the viewer’s subconscious.

Les Allen’s series of fantastical, surreal photographs created in his studio and printed in a traditional wet darkroom, are construct set-ups which may look digitally manipulated, but are not. Every detail in his work is executed by hand.

Rosalie Koldan’s pieces are assemblage sculptures, which she defines as “a work of art made by linking together objects not intended as art materials and establishing a symbolic meaning.”

Paul Nitsche builds each element of his artwork by hand, and his carved and veneered shadowboxes, bronze and limestone sculpture, and mechanical paper doll automata, implement the craft and aesthetics of Victoriana and the Romantic Age of Science.

The exhibition will run through July 8, 2017 in the main galleries.

The Freeport Art Museum is a private, not-for-profit organization that works to promote an understanding of art and culture through collections, exhibitions, and educational programs. Their vision is to contribute to the vibrancy and revitalization of our community by becoming the region’s foremost resource and destination for art.

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