New Video Reveals The Secret Adventures of Pat Gillespe and Jeff Jordan of Barkau

Freeport, Illinois — There’s a long standing myth that surrounds car sales people of our day.  We know they sell cars, trucks, vans and sometimes even motorcycles. But no one really knows for sure what car sales people do on their days and time off.

It’s a mystery as long as the myth itself. We’re not sure anyone has figured it out to tell you the truth.

Do they go kick the tires on other car lots? Read car magazines all day? Help elderly people? Save babies?

To be quite frank, we’re not sure what “those other” car folks do but we sure do know what Pat Gillespe and Jeff Jordan of Barkau do.

They go on adventures.

Through our secret sources, we recently discovered this hidden video that revealed some surprising adventures of J. H. Barkau & Sons Pat and Jeff.

If there was ever a wonder about what our car sales people do in Freeport, this should hopefully shed some light.

The latest adventures of Pat and Jeff.



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