Open To The Public Presentation of The Documentary Film ‘The Freemasons: Mystery, Myth and Truth’

The Scottish Rite, Valley of Freeport, will host Michael Toth in a free, open to the public, presentation of his documentary film, “The Freemasons, Mystery, Myth and Truth”. Toth is a filmmaker, writer and director, currently developing a 33 episode mini-series for television. A meet the speaker dinner will be held immediately prior to the event at 5 pm. Event time: 6 pm. Reservations required.  Presentation: Free; Dinner: $15. (815-233-0513)

From Toth’s website;

Dozens of documentaries and some feature films were produced and broadcast on TV cable channels, but none of them with the real understanding of what Freemasonry is all about. That is because the people who produced all of those programs, do not belong to the Masonic Fraternity and cannot understand the real meaning of the Brotherhood.

It is about time to show the world the real story of Freemasonry and the real nature of the so-called “secret society” that’s been behind the scenes of history for so many centuries.

In 1717, four Masonic lodges, which had been meeting “from time immemorial,” met and consecrated the first Masonic Grand Lodge in London, England. It was the first public and formally acknowledged organization of Freemasons. The year 2017 will be the 300th anniversary.

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